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Selva Lacandona

Experience the breathtaking natural wonders and cultural heritage of Chiapas, Mexico, on this captivating tour. Begin your adventure in Tuxtla Gutierrez and embark on a scenic boat ride through the majestic Sumidero Canyon, with its towering cliffs reaching up to 1000 meters high. Marvel at the lush ferns, mosses, and cascading waterfalls that adorn this picturesque gorge. Continue to the colonial town of San Cristobal de las Casas, where you’ll stay at the historic Posada Na Bolom, once the home of renowned archaeologist Frans Blom and anthropologist Gertrude Duby-Blom. Explore the indigenous communities of San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan, known for their vibrant traditions and intricate weaving techniques.

Discover the charming streets and markets of San Cristobal, visiting its colorful cathedral and the Textile Center of the Maya World. Journey to the El Chiflon waterfalls, a stunning cascade surrounded by turquoise pools and lush vegetation. Explore the enchanting Montebello Lakes, a collection of over 50 small lakes nestled in a pine and oak forest, each with its own unique shade of blue or green. Immerse yourself in the biodiversity of the Las Nubes Biosphere Reserve, where you’ll hike to the mesmerizing Las Nubes Waterfall and witness the natural spectacle of swallows nesting in the rock face. Stay at the eco-lodges of Las Guacamayas and enjoy adventurous activities like river rafting and a visit to La Casa del Morpho, a butterfly sanctuary.

Delve into the Lacandon Jungle as you embark on a boat tour through the biosphere reserve, encountering diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes along the way. Journey to the hidden Mayan site of Yaxchilan, accessible only by boat, and admire its intricate sculptures and well-preserved ruins. Conclude your journey with visits to the ancient city of Bonampak, known for its remarkable murals, and the impressive waterfalls of Roberto Barrios before reaching Palenque. An unforgettable journey to the rich history and natural beauty of Chiapas.

9 days / 8 nights
Sumidero Canyon, San Juan Chamula, San Cristobal de las Casas, Montebellos National Park, Rio Lacantun, Yaxchilan, Bonampak, Palenque, Villahermosa
English, Spanish
  • Experience the breathtaking natural wonders and cultural heritage of Chiapas, Mexico
  • Immerse yourself in the indigenous communities of Mexico
  • Explore the Mayan culture and learn about the cities hidden in the jungle
  • Visit the Montebello National Park, a truly unique place to see
  • Enjoy a rafting tour along the river, passing through thrilling rapids and cascades.
Day 1: Tuxtla Gutierrez – Sumidero canyon – San Cristobal de las Casas, ca. 70 km

Arrival airport Tuxtla Gutierrez. Reception by local guide. Short transfer to Chiapa de Corzo.
Cañón del Sumidero National Park is a national park in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. The area with an extension of 217.89 km² was declared a national park on December 8, 1980. Its main attraction is the Cañón del Sumidero, through which the Río Grijalva flows, with rock walls up to 1000 m high. Start of the boat trip through the Sumidero Gorge. The tour leads through the deeply cut gorge of the Rio Grijalva. With the steep walls that rise up to 1000 m, the gorge is reminiscent of Nordic fjords. High waterfalls amid lush ferns and mosses surprise the viewer. With a little luck, you might spot a crocodile sunbathing.
Transfer to colonial San Cristobal de las Casas in the highlands of Chiapas.
Na Bolom is a hotel/museum in San Cristóbal de las Casas. The name comes from the Tzotzil language and means house of the jaguar. Originally the building complex, which was built in 1898, was a Catholic seminary, later the house of the Danish archaeologist Frans Blom (1893–1963) and the Swiss anthropologist and photographer Gertrude Duby-Blom (1901–1993). They dedicated their lives to the Chiapas indigenous people and to researching their culture. Her house has served as a museum since her death.
Overnight at Hotel Posada Na Bolom, cat. Standard

Day 2: San Juan Chamula + Zinacantan - San Cristobal de las Casas, ca. 30 km

City tour in San Juan Chamula. The inhabitants of Chamula belong to the Tzotzil people (indigenous people and descendants of the Maya). Almost all of them speak the indigenous Tzotzil language and very many do not speak Spanish. The Tzotzil of Chamula are known to strictly defend their traditional culture and religion against external influences. We visit the church, which is one of the few remaining examples of the traditional church interiors of the indigenous people and the traditional market in the main square. On to Zinacantán. 99 percent of the commune is inhabited by members of the Tzotzil people. The name Zinacantán comes from the Nahuatl and means "place of the bats". We visit the colorful San Lorenzo Church and a weaver family. The women of Zinacantán are widely known for their fine weaving with floral motifs. Here you can taste the Posh, a high-proof, alcoholic drink made from sugar cane. Posh is mainly consumed at religious festivals of the indigenous communities. Back to San Cristobal de las Casas and city tour. It is a pleasure to explore the cobbled streets and markets of San Cristóbal and enjoy the unique ambience and wonderfully clear highland light. We visit the cathedral on the north side of the square, which is candy colored. Construction began in 1528 but was not completed until 1815 due to several natural disasters. The Templo & Ex-Convento de Santo Domingo de Guzmán is an imposing 16th-century building and the most beautiful church in San Cristóbal, especially when its facade catches the late afternoon sun. This baroque facade with outstanding filigree stucco work was added in the 17th century and includes the double-headed Habsburg eagle, then the symbol of the Spanish monarchy. The Centro de Textiles del Mundo Maya is located in the Ex-Convento de Santo Domingo on the upper floor. This superb museum displays over 500 examples of hand-woven textiles from all over Mexico and Central America.
Overnight at Hotel Posada Na Bolom, cat. Standard

Day 3: San Cristobal de las Casas – El Chiflon Montebellos National Park – Tziscao, ca. 200 km

On the Panamericana Highway we reach El Chiflon, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Chiapas, whose staggered fall reaches around 120 meters. The Rio San Vicente, one of the largest rivers in Chiapas, leads to a series of waterfalls called El Suspiro, Ala de Ángel, and Velo de Novia. The latter is the most impressive for its drop of 70 meters. They form natural ponds with intensely turquoise blue water, framed by exotic vegetation that forms a curtain of trees, and landscapes that are characterized by reeds and palm groves.
In the afternoon we visit three cenotes in the Montebellos National Park. After a 20-minute hike on a steep, rocky path, we arrive at the picturesque Cenote Bartolo. Bartolo, like so many of the lakes in this area, is surrounded by high walls that make it look like a crater. But of course this area is not volcanic. The rock here is limestone and the lakes are places where the limestone has been eroded to give access to the water below the surface. Bartolo's water shimmers in various shades of green and blue.
Transfer to village Tziscao where you will spend the night in a cozy cabaña right on Lake Tziscao.
Overnight at Cabañas Paraiso Tziscao, cat. Cabaña

Day 4: Tziscao – Montebellos National Park – Eco Park Las Nubes, ca. 70 km

Tziscao is right on the border with Guatemala and on a short walk we cross the "green" border to Guatemala for a snapshot.
The Montebello Lagoon National Park is a picturesque lake district in the very south of Chiapas. There are more than 50 small, mineral-rich lakes in the middle of fir and oak forests. The minerals in the lakes together with the reflecting sun give these bodies of water their unique nuances, which range from turquoise blue to emerald green, from purple to blue to dark green. During a hike you will discover several of these lagoons embedded in the coniferous forest. The highlight is crossing a lagoon in a raft.
Transfer to nature reserve Las Nubes.
Hiking tour to Las Nubes Waterfall, one of the most visited and photographed places in the state, a waterfall that changes all year round in shape, intensity, color and gives life to the jungle environment. The rocky wall of the waterfall is the natural bedroom of Golondrinas, which can be seen in the mornings and in the evenings, being a unique spectacle.
Ecolodge located on the banks of the Santo Domingo River that is part of the Mesoamerican biological corridor, within the Lacandona jungle area of Chiapas. Hotel was built in a jungle environment, in front of the Las Nubes Waterfall, on the limits of the Montes Azules Biosphere .
Overnight at Cabañas Ecoturistico Las Nubes, cat. Cabaña

Day 5: Las Nubes – Playon de la Gloria – Las Guacamayas Lodge, ca. 115 km

After breakfast adventurous rafting tour. Mastering the currents of the Santo Domingo River and passing through small waterfalls in a 4 km journey with a difficulty level of 1 and 2, an adventure activity highly recommended for an unforgettable trip.
La Casa del Morpho (Butterfly House) is located in the humid tropical region southeast of the Lacandon Jungle, home to the largest variety of butterflies in the country. La Casa del Morpho is a sustainable project where the Ejidatarios receive income and jobs while maintaining their jungle. A group of 22 ejidatarios from Playón de la Gloria own a management unit for the conservation of butterflies. During a tour you will learn more about the life cycle and the metamorphosis of butterflies. You will visit the butterfly farm, where more than 20 living species are exhibited, and discover the natural habitat of butterflies.
Continue to Las Guacamayas Lodge.
In the evening we visit the Red Macaw nature reserve. For their reproduction and livelihood, we build artificial nests for you to see. During our walk we can also see toucans, parrots, spider monkeys, howler monkeys and hummingbirds, depending on the season. The scarlet macaw sighting is highly dependent on the time of year.
Overnight at Eco Lodge Las Guacamayas, cat. Riverview Cabaña

Day 6: Boat trip to Rio Lacantun / Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve

After breakfast we start an exciting boat trip to the entrance of the biosphere reserve on the other side of the Lacantun river. Once there, we start a tour in the middle of a jungle that is practically 100% covered by trees and leaves. If the weather conditions are favorable, it is possible to observe wild boars, tapirs, monkeys and deer as well as smaller animals, insects and lush plants as well as some streams. Later we reach a small lagoon in the reserve where we can see ducks and herons. In the afternoon we will continue our discovery of the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, again by boat: we will take a two-hour drive along the river to admire the landscape and fauna. It is common to see monkeys, moreleti crocodiles and iguanas, herons, kingfisher. With a bit of luck we can spot jaguars, tapirs and otters, among other animals.
Overnight at Eco Lodge Las Guacamayas, cat. Riverview Cabaña

Day 7: Las Guacamayas – Yaxchilan – Frontera Corozal, ca. 115 km

Transfer to Frontera Corozal to embarque river boat to hidden Mayan site Yaxchilan.
Yaxchilán is a historic Mayan city on the Usumacinta River in today's Mexican state of Chiapas. The historical name of the city was probably Pa 'Chan. Yaxchilán is known for the large number of sculptures found there. Yaxchilan, a charming and little-visited Mayan site in the middle of the rainforest, is reachable doing a boat trip. The city of Yaxchilán is located in a river loop on the Rio Usumacinta near the border between Mexico and Guatemala, is thus bounded on three sides by a river. Yaxchilán was a significant city during the classical period and a dominant power in the Usumacinta region. The city ruled over other, smaller towns such as Bonampak and was allied for a long time with Piedras Negras. The well-preserved stelae and lintels, beguiling the exotic fauna and flora are fantastic.
Return by boat to Frontera Corozal and overnight in cozy bungalows right on mighty Usumacinta river.
Overnight at Cabañas Nueva Alianza, cat. Cabaña

Day 8: Frontera Corozal – Bonampak – Roberto Barrios – Palenque, ca. 165 km

Bonampak is an ancient Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The site is approximately 30 km south of the larger site of Yaxchilan, under which Bonampak was a dependency, and the border with Guatemala. While the site is not overly impressive in terms of spatial or architectural it is well known for the murals located within the three roomed Structure 1 (The Temple of the Murals). Sensational Mayan murals were discovered in three temple chambers, unique in the whole Maya world. Room 2 is the largest of the three, which alludes to its greater importance. It also contains more human figures than either Room 1 or Room 2, with 139 of them. Here is the scene of what has been referred to as the greatest battle scene in all of Maya art.
En route to Palenque, stop at lovely water cascades in Roberto Barrios which invites to a refreshing swim.
Overnight at Hotel Chan-Kah Resort 4 *, cat. Casita Junior Suite

Day 9: Palenque – Villahermosa, ca. 120 km

Palenque was founded around 300 BC. And was in its full bloom in the 7th and 8th centuries AD. All the buildings that can still be seen today date from this period. Thus, Palenque was one of the first sites of the classical Mayan period, which was abandoned for reasons that are not yet clear. The "Temple of Inscriptions" impresses with more than 620 hieroglyphs and tells the story of the Mayan king Pacals from the time of his accession to the throne in 615 AD. For almost 70 years, Pacal, who was crowned at the age of 12, directed the fortunes of Palenque. The discovery of his tomb in a temple built in his honor was one of the great archaeological sensations in Mayan history.
Afterwards transfer to airport in Villahermosa. End of services.

  • Departure in: Tuxtla Gutierrez
  • End of package in: Villahermosa
  • Minimum travellers: 1
  • Maximum travellers: 6
  • Private tours are available all year round.

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This tour is possible as:

PRIVATE TOUR - Services Included
  • Accommodation in above mentioned hotels and room categories, incl. tax
  • Daily American Breakfast or Buffet Breakfast
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation in A/C car or minivan
  • All entrances to arqueological sites, museums, national parks, waterfalls as per itinerary
  • Boat tour Sumidero canyon, Lagunas de Montebellos, Montes Azules, to Yaxchilan
  • Rafting tour in Las Nubes
PRIVATE TOUR - Services NOT included
  • All extras in hotels
  • All meals not mentioned
  • Tip for bellboy and chambermaid
  • Tips for driver and guides



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