An agricultural revolution

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An agricultural revolution

One day, Fernando Funes Monzote decided to leave the comfort of Vedado residencial area to settle on the outskirts of Havana, and changed his status as a agriculture scientist to become a farmer.

Not many believed that the efforts of this city man for digging a well in a baldly eroded hillside with such a rocky soil would pay off; after months of hard work Mr. Funes started to have a clearer view of what used to be his vision and now he is the proud owner of Martha farm.

Named after his late mother, the finca grows more than 60 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs and high quality honey is produced, supplying organic goods to many of Havana’s top-rated private restaurants.

Funes´inspirational story has even travelled across the borders and have reach to royalty´s ears; Prince Charles himself visited the farm to learn about Funes’ radical vision on Cuban agriculture and the inspiration behind his colossal effort.




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