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Our B2B travel blog provides insightful information, interesting articles, corporate news and more for our 3 destinations in the Caribbean.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, insights, and destination features for Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

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Empowering Communities – Caribbean Tours’ Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

At Caribbean Tours, we believe in the transformative power of travel not just for individuals, but for entire communities.

Exploring Authentic Cuban Hospitality – A Guide to Casas Particulares

Amidst the allure of vintage cars, rhythmic music, and colonial architecture, the Casas Particulares truly capture the essence of Cuban hospitality.

Road Trip in Cuba - Self-Drive Tours in Cuba Caribbean Tours

Self-Drive Tours in Cuba – Your clients in best hands!

Your clients in best hands! This is not just a slogan. It is our personal commitment to you, partner.

Next Travel Season 2023-2024… What’s New?!

Next Travel Season 2023-2024… What’s New?!

Dear partner it is a real pleasure to announce that all the prices for the next season 2023 - 2024 are ready!


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We strive to provide creative itineraries with updated information and the highest service level for our more than 15,000 clients per year.

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life changing moments

Our local knowledge & expertise give us the inside track to create truly inspiring travel experiences that go beyond expectations.

Deep into
the Caribbean

We’ll show you the Caribbean the way we feel it; a crossroad of colors and cultures, small countries huge in their diversity and contradictions.

Extensive local partner

Our extensive local partner network of suppliers has been built up over 22 years and allows us to offer you the best available.

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