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Arts, a tool for life

Some may think art as a simple intention of an artist to express himself/herself, some others consider international recognition as the artists´ raison d’être.

Cuban artist Kcho uses art as a tool for life, and by having his studio in Romerillo neighborhood he has brought art to a community deprived of it. Not only he has built a huge compound featuring galleries, workshops, a theater, a library and plenty of open spaces for creation, but he has undertaken a sort of artistic intervention in the community, scattering works by Spencer Tunick, Andy Warlhol, Amelia Peláez and Mariano Rodríguez across parks, bus stops, grocery stores and living rooms of common people’s houses.

The fact that none of these works has been stolen or damaged is evidence enough of the transformational positive impact of this initiative. As Kcho himself is used to saying: “people respond to respect with more respect”.




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